September 22, 2019



Consumer Solutions:
Voice Data
  • Switched LD
  • Toll Free
  • Calling Cards
  • Web Hosting
ECG takes tremendous pride in providing residential consumers with affordable, reliable, and accurate telecommunication services. ECG agents are able to select from multiple rate options available to find the best fit for residential customers. Residential customers enjoy the online account management that ECG offers as well as the ease of contacting our customer service department (average hold time is less than a minute!).

1. Long Distance: Our aggressive long distance rates will deliver real monthly savings! Our service is designed to keep your customer connected domestically and internationally while saving them money on every call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With multiple rate plans available, your customers are ready to obtain significant long distance savings.

2. Toll Free: Toll free numbers aren't limited to businesses anymore--residential customers will benefit from having their own toll free number as well. By providing a "cost free" call to the caller, residential customers eliminate the need for expensive collect calls.

3. Calling Card: An easy and convenient way to avoid costly collect and operated assisted calls. A client's calling card number is the same as their main telephone number with an assigned PIN code (determined by the customer). With an ECG calling card you can place calls from any phone to anywhere in the US and hundreds of locations throughout the world.

1. Web Hosting: Web hosting is for all ranges of customers from the individual just looking to keep up with the family to the business trying to expand their horizons. ECG web hosting provides multiple web hosting plans and options to meet a residential customers needs.

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