September 22, 2019



Business Solutions:

ECG designed our product portfolio to provide solutions, not just products. As an ECG agent you are providing the solution to the increasingly complex demands businesses face when selecting telecommunication services. From small businesses requiring basic switched long distance service to larger enterprises desiring the most cost-effective network arrangements, ECG provides the solution. With services available nationwide through the leading carrier networks, ECG agents are confident that their client's need for high quality and low cost telecommunication services are not only being met, but exceeded!
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  • dedicated l.d.
  • toll free
  • calling cards
  • conference calling
  • dedicated internet access
  • private line

1. Switched l.d.:
ECG provides several cost effective rate plans with multiple carrier options. Accurate, easy to read invoices, 6 sec increment billing, online account access, rate available 24/7, and no fees makes ECG switched l.d. one of our best selling products.

2. Dedicated l.d.: T1 service has become the standard for businesses that need high-capacity voice connections. T1 voice service allows your customers to increase the speed and efficiency of their business, while significantly reducing their overall communication costs. Your clients can expect ECG dedicated access to deliver continuous connectivity and exceptional support from price quoting to install through the life of our service.

3. Toll Free: ECG offers toll free service as an added benefit to our long distance suite of services. From an office with 2 employees to a corporation with thousands, all businesses will benefit from the convenience a toll free number provides. Providing a toll free number is an essential component of customer satisfaction. By offering a "cost free" call, businesses offer a convenient affordable way for customers to stay in contact.

4. Calling Card: An ECG calling card provides an easy and convenient way to avoid costly collect and operated assisted calls. With an ECG calling card you can place calls from any phone to anywhere in the US and hundreds of locations throughout the world. Calls can be placed with the security of knowing that you will have a clear connection at all times.

5. Conference Calling: ECG offers two forms of Conference Calling-a traditional phone only conference, as well as an integrated web and phone conference. Both forms provide an easy-to-use, cost effective way to conduct impromptu meetings without losing the power of face-to-face interaction. Since ECG conferencing is completely reservationless, customers may begin a conference at anytime.

1. Dedicated Internet Access: With ECG's always-on, high-speed dedicated internet access, you can give your customers just what they need to establish a fast and reliable internet connection. ECG provides scalable bandwidth, superior performance and service level agreements that are hard to beat.

2. Private Line: ECG Private Line provides a private, reserved pathway through the service provider's network that businesses can lease to carry traffic. Ideal for passing mission-critical information through a secure pipeline, this service offers superior privacy, reliability and control.

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