May 27, 2020



Referral Program:
  • ECG provides customers with an opportunity to reduce or completely eliminate their ECG bill every month! When a customer's referral signs up for an ECG account, we'll apply 5% of the referral's billed usage as a credit to the customer's bill.
  • All agents are eligible to participate.
  • All customers in good standing (not in collections) are eligible to participate. ( or 888-869-1141)
  • Customers who are referred to ECG by a current customer will be placed on the same rate plan as the referring customer.
  • Program is available for both Business and Residential accounts.
  • If a business refers a residential customer, the customer will be given the corresponding residential rate plan.
  • If a residential customer refers a business customer, the customer will be given the corresponding business rate plan.
  • All referrals will be placed with the agent I.D. of the referring customer.
  • Agents will receive commission for referred customers.
  • Customers can sign up online or by calling 888-869-1141.
  • Referral program works for any product ECG offers.
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